Noisy black birds fly across the horizon of my mind Tiny busy ants scurry in all directions inside my head Tangled kudzu vines choke out the focus of creative thought Stop Notice Create a still space think the thought with intent Create another still space before thinking another thought    This poem is about mental … More Hooptedoodle


Windows flung open Bird song bathes the air When the whirr of the edger’s motor Takes intermittent breaks Mind cast open Aha’s bathe awareness When the whirr of cluttered mind Takes intermittent breaks Graphic by Pixabay A friend of mine has just launched a new web site called The Sacred Path. Below is a screen … More Interlude

Street Corner Thoughts

I’m standing at a corner, waiting to cross the street, watching cars of all makes and shapes, some coming toward me, some going past, some turning corners, some changing lanes. I never consider stopping a driver to discuss where she is going. Yet, do I not do that with worried thoughts letting them pile up … More Street Corner Thoughts

Cerebral Graffiti

Cerebral Graffiti The day begins a jumbled mess on the canvas of my mind – the replay of a past faux pas a snippet of a movie watched a mental list of chores   So I concentrate on clearing the canvas or better yet, not concentrating at all I inhale potential wonders and exhale past … More Cerebral Graffiti