Animals breathe oxygen Plants breathe CO2 The earth breathes seasons And experience breathes grace Relationships breathe respect Creativity breathes attention Meditation breathes stillness And experience breathes grace I have been contemplating the idea of grace lately. Instead of being an external gift given to me that I don’t deserve, grace could instead be the practice … More Grace

Letting Failure Rest

I can learn much from grass. It offers me sweet softness, regardless of the burdens that I carry. Today I wandered in a field of summer green accompanied by Failure, my cheeky child. She tired and curled up within herself, and slept, as children need to do. I headed out to hike toward far fields … More Letting Failure Rest

Broken Glass

mistakes birth aha’s and cracked glass prisms the light             embrace imperfection This haiku was the final part of a haiku trilogy I posted earlier this year called Wabi Sabi. Today’s Daily Prompt is Glass and it seemed appropriate to revisit this verse.   Image revised from an original on Pixabay.  

3000 Paintings

“Whatever it was that I felt was the weak link in my previous project gave me inspiration for the next one.” ― Joni Mitchell Painting with a friend the other day, I opened a new box of watercolor crayons. I am by no means a painter but my friend is quite talented in that field. I … More 3000 Paintings