Misty Morn

Fog muddled boundaries between lake and sky. Six mallards, dark specks on the grey lake, chattered in a group; one lone male sat on the far side of the path. Blackbirds squawked, sparrows chirped; all obscured by the grey above. In the fervor of this curious weather, the lake was alive with fowl exhortation. A … More Misty Morn

Dawn’s Plea

Sparkles dance when fingers brush against a frosty pane The wind catcher spins below while bare limbs sway above  A black lab rests unmovable beneath a rocking truck Fog ignores Dawn’s plea to lift till Wind pushes the issue   Graphic by Annie Spratt courtesy of Unsplash


A thousand pictures within each thousand pictures A thousand thoughts within each thousand thoughts A thousand voices within each thousand voices Deliquesce into a mist of One being and all the not-being that surrounds it   Image from Pixaby      

Morning Eyes

My waking mind at first resembles the humor of my dream, until a distant instinct pulls me toward a solid world. The cusp between my waking and my dream worlds lingers on my lashes like a misty gauze before a gentle rain.   The inspiration for this poem, oddly enough, was Longfellow’s Day Is Done, … More Morning Eyes