Facing Myself [puente*]

the mirror stands in the cornerreflects an image of how I appear ~ so I greet my Self with a welcome smile ~ knowing tucked deep withinwhat no mirror can reflect, my heart * Read more about this poetic form in an article from Shadow Poetry called Puente. Photo by Taylor Smith courtesy of Unsplash


It’s curious, the word palindrome that its meaning is not reflected in its form It makes sense etymologically palin means back again dramein means to run But wouldn’t a better name for words that echo letters backwards mirror its own letters like kayak or civic? Mirror would express the concept but its letters do not … More Mirrim


When moving forward from time to time I must glance into the mirror of the past Yet if my gaze lingers too long in a reflection of the past I can easily crash and get nowhere at all Photo by LuAnne Holder