Tea with Lao Tzu*

I invite Lao Tzu to teaon a quilt spread in anopen glen by a river He accepts and sitscross-legged facing mewe both nod our greetings “What can you teach me, Lao Tzu?”“Be quiet in stillness.”I pour tea into his tiny cup “My mind wanders so.How can I learn stillness?”“Meditate.”I fill my teacup as well “I … More Tea with Lao Tzu*

Winter Morning

filtered water fills the cup going up an octave as it reaches the brim coffee maker sputters syncopation to the wind chime song beside the window peppers sizzle in a pan avocado slices frame the plate whipped egg with spices waits for its turn in the skillet snow has fallen during the night porch needs … More Winter Morning

Dolly Lama

Finally, she gets to go barefoot sit on the floor in a lotus position Finally, she breaks from busyness prompts if you touch her moon necklace Curvy body is posable now flowing thick hair remains Breathe with Me Barbie™ guides meditations with eyes wide open   Read more about Breathe with Me Barbie in the … More Dolly Lama


A sigh is a sign that you’re doing too much A sigh is a sign to calm yourself down A sigh is a sign to hear yourself breathe A sigh is a sign for you to take time for a micro-meditation   Photo by Eli DeFaria courtesy of Unsplash


Consistent nothing, all alone but for a ticking clock blue view behind my eyelids inhale, exhale, listen Let subtle showers of the quiet unfold to take me deeper into a silver inner poem of open peace Photo courtesy of Pixabay

How to Practice Contentment

Wander through the Queen Anne’s lace where discontent dissolves into the joy of tender textures Meander through the elbow of the path by fields splashed golden and vermilion dotted by moss covered stones Learn from turtles meditating on sunny floating logs content to not be elsewhere Both photos from my personal collection

Noticing Kindness

Today a moth lingered on my door wall, still as a painting The visit was a meditation on the outside of the glass The morning continued to reflect other such kind encounters smiles from strangers friendly inquiries impromptu chats about weekend weather predictions A young doctor’s assistant with a silver laugh had me weigh in … More Noticing Kindness