Finch-sized leaves fall from maples twirling forty feet to fleck the ground with sunshine Both photos taken from my back yard in previous autumns. Our leaves here are just beginning to fall.


Unlike the acorn that just plops to the ground the maple bursts of whirlygigs, usually in conjoined pairs, twirl to the ground like Sufi dancers when released from their high branches As a child I used to pick up these seeds that fell on unfertile asphalt and throw them up as high as I could … More Whirlygigs


Why is one leaf on this autumn path golden, edged in burgundy while another leaf is purple, veined in orange? Why is one tree bursting crimson and another speckled yellow? I’m more like a dappled leaf, flitting from place to place, full of intermingled ideas. Sometimes I long to be the fiery sugar maple consistent and … More Purpose

Migration Love

On a branch of the maple with leaves trimmed in red a starling with brindled brown feathers sits, now two, now three each on her own branch More congregate sharing the maple but never sharing a branch until in unison they take flight in a crescendo of noisy song and whoosh of wings flying southward … More Migration Love

Annual Breath

Look at the maple by the bay window benevolent toward all seasons In summer no swearing about sweltering heat; she opens her heart to the sun In winter no lamenting the stark naked freeze; she goes inward for dreams and renewal   This poem was inspired by a piece in a recent Austin Kleon newsletter … More Annual Breath