Free Love

Take the corset off the way you lovefree love from its stifling, binding staysliberate expressions of devotion Let wind blow through love’s loose hairlet love leap and prance abouttake the corset off the way you love Wriggle toes of barefoot loveraise love’s arms in vulnerabilityfree love from its stifling, binding stays Shed the molds of … More Free Love



Come to me tonight dear oneLet my eyes rest uponyour glowing countenance I know you are thereeven when you don’tgrace me with your presenceI know you have many other loversbut my love for you abides My whole history intertwines withyour ever-changing selfI’m dejected when you hide behind petulant cloudsI laugh with delight when you tease … More Beloved

Because I Love

Because I love sunrisesI arise at dawnto view the color symphonywhether fully awake or not Because I love the moonI go outside one morningto find a waning gibbushigh in the 8 o’clock sky Because I love the earthI work to heal her wounds andlet her healing heal mine Photo taken in Troy, MI


Compassion often immerges with weeping of the rain It can’t be rinsed away though, that truth dwells deep inside Practice lovingkindness and then yes, do it again Compassion often immerges with weeping of the rain Dancing dreams and quiet places may ease the pain Love’s not bells and flowers, it’s keeping kindness by your side … More Compassion

Common Koan

Patrick was already packing up when the phone rang. “Hey, little brother. Why don’t you come over for dinner with us tonight?” “Oh, I already have plans, Meg. Maybe tomorrow.” “What are you up to this evening?” “I’m meeting a bunch of guys at O’Toole’s for a couple of drinks and maybe some darts.” “You … More Common Koan


The sun has set but she has not come home. Calling for her again and again, her little whiskered face does not appear at the front door or the door wall. The night air is calm with the new warmth of early spring. Yet, was there not a coyote in the back yard just last … More Lost

Möbius Strip

Love is like a Möbius strip; it encircles another then turns upside down and returns as a mirror of the love sent out in a never ending circle You can read more about this fascinating mathematical phenomenon at The Möbius Strip. Top graphic by Gus Moretta courtesy of Unsplash


I touched his arm he held my hand for a brief moment “I love you” “I love you” I rolled out of bed to start my day loved   Image by Pexals