Forgotten Poem

I have a poem I want to writecomposed while in the bed last night Planned to write it down at dawnbut overslept and now it’s gone Check out Profound Revelation, a poem I posted in 2015 on a similar topic. Photo by Kinga Cichewicz courtesy of Unsplash


I believe in what I’ll never know Hallelujah If I get lost I’ll walk back to myself Hallelujah May silver threads of rain cleanse my song of Hallelujah May spring sun warm my winter-worn pale face Hallelujah May I live in gratitude forever singing Hallelujah Till dust of my old bones feeds the worms Hallelujah … More Hallelujah

Will of My Will

I am lost in the expanse of the will of my will. On one extreme I give in, you smile, you get your way. But in abdicating, I steal our chance to  negotiate connection. We become islands when I lose my will. On the other extreme, I demand my intent. You give in and walk … More Will of My Will