What You Will Grieve

You will grieve suicide, murder, and other tragic events You will grieve nothings, and wrongs, and even being a survivor You will grieve confusion, and stages that you will go through, anger, and time when you need to begin again You will grieve work, your incomplete past, doom, and the future You will grieve recovery … More What You Will Grieve

Piggy Bank Heart

My piggy bank heartbroken, in chardswounds my clinging hands, yetoffers me penny-sized blessings This mess my heart makescan’t hide the woundsI don’t want to see If a heart can’t be fixedlike a piggy bank can’tshould I’ve let it get broken orkept blessings I’d savedsafe and hidden unused? Photo from RINA Wealth Management Services

Carving History

Aunt Libby kept us both as our moms went off to workBonnie and I watched Captain Kangaroo together in the morning,stifled giggles while pretending to take our afternoon napHer dad had been in the circus and taught herto do tricks on a trapeze he put up in the car port.Her mom always made us French … More Carving History

Wintry Mix

Rushed last-minute shopping, then savor slow-cooked stew Sweet treats for the children, for adults – spiked cider brew Trees stand bare outside while inside trees are bright Snow-white monotone beneath sparkling festive lights Anticipating gatherings amid loss memories Sincere gifts complete with bows around synthetic trees The season brings abundance while we practice letting go … More Wintry Mix


I am fortunate to live near a park with two little lakes joined by a creek, where I linger on bridges to hear the water dance over smooth rocks Where mallards and Canada geese carry on conversations in a fowl language I don’t understand Red-winged blackbirds hide in low branches of young trees along the … More Wildfowl

Star Blessings

You appreciate themoonwhen it is a faintsliver beforesunrisethat you would have missedhad you not been up in thedarkto comfort Star Baby I found this poem I jotted down early, early one morning. Star Baby was our cat for 20 years. At the end she needed lots of care but also gave much love back. She … More Star Blessings

Hope for Healing

Knees can get scrapedbones are sometimes brokenhowever Hope for Healingstill she persists Promises are fracturedlosses overwhelmhowever Hope for Healingstill she persists Icebergs melt too quicklypolicy pollutes our airhowever Hope for Healingstill she persists Disease spreads to manylonely goodbyes too soonhowever Hope for Healingstill she persists Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Burning the Old Year*

Not much paper to feed the flamenot much writing went ontime spent instead on memorial servicesdifficult sympathy cards to send Days lost without meditationcrackle with spiritual neglectleaving me more isolatedless intentionally loving But new days are dawningnot all bridges burnedeven some newly spanningacross dark chasms of last year *Poem inspired by Naomi Shihab Nye’s poem … More Burning the Old Year*


When loss blows you awayfollow winter’s pathembrace the growing darknessbreathe the breeze of gain When blame troubles your heartfeel affection for othersbe secure in your abilitiesbreathe the breeze of praise When sorrow drenches you in downpour after downpourbe nourished by the rain thenbreathe the breeze of joy When failure weighs your spirit downsearch for new … More Equanimity