Breathe colors Listen without naming Live in the space of not-knowing   Photo by Mohamed Nohassi courtesy of Unsplash  Inscrutable

Mantra for Chakra Five

Fifth Chakra Mantra May the words I use represent truth from the perspective of my unique path May I listen to words of others with respect and lovingkindness May I speak what is necessary and choose with intent to remain silent when appropriate May my words promote peace and playfulness As a writer, I view … More Mantra for Chakra Five


What If?

What if a culture promoted respect for all people where there were no “others” only sisters and brothers? Imagine that. What if a culture promoted a kindness where the norm was to pause before speaking one’s mind and listen to differing views? Imagine that. What if a culture promoted peace with active intent to move … More What If?

Wellspring of Words

I want to pen words defying boundaries created that separate me from others I want to pen words that bleed out all blame so compassion can pump through my veins I want to pen words as conundrums wedding opposites into one silver ring I want to pen words to stumble upon like a root going … More Wellspring of Words

Quiet Thunder

You may know Quiet as the one who can understand her cats’ requests just by the tone of their mews. Or you may know Quiet by her contented closed eyes savoring her first sip of soup. You may see Quiet finger-tracing the intricate patterns of bark on a tree or leaving the kitchen in mid-dinner prep … More Quiet Thunder