Whole Halves

One is a consistent fir tree, the other a cottonwood’s cycle One is a white beach in Maui, the other the park’s turtle lake One is a warm, gentle breeze, the other lightning slicing the sky One is Grey Goose vodka, the other boxed Chardonnay One is manicured bonsai, the other wild columbine Different, yet … More Whole Halves

After the Storm

After breakfast the storm rolled in, with rumbling thunder in the distance, then lightning flashed and struck her heart, criticism roared. Seeking cover in her own self worth she whispered, “Don’t spit anger” yet spit she did with spiteful words that blew back to sting her face. After the storm, the quiet rolled in no … More After the Storm

Quiet Thunder

You may know Quiet as the one who can understand her cats’ requests just by the tone of their mews. Or you may know Quiet by her contented closed eyes savoring her first sip of soup. You may see Quiet finger-tracing the intricate patterns of bark on a tree or leaving the kitchen in mid-dinner prep … More Quiet Thunder