Present Cycle

Light is a gift to the sky Air is a gift to voice Talk is a gift to friendship Handholding gifts a stroll Hiking is a gift to a home Roofs are gifts to migrating flocks Birds are gifts to the heavens The sky is a gift to light   Image is an original photo … More Present Cycle

Broken Glass

mistakes birth aha’s and cracked glass prisms the light             embrace imperfection This haiku was the final part of a haiku trilogy I posted earlier this year called Wabi Sabi. Today’s Daily Prompt is Glass and it seemed appropriate to revisit this verse.   Image revised from an original on Pixabay.  

Poet’s Heart

I heard the family approach before I saw them, the lilt of their Hindi phrasing interspersed with soft laughter. I was on a boardwalk trying to photograph a tuft of new grass growing in wetland mud. Green shoots reached through a tee-pee of the brittle beige remains of its predecessors. I evaluated several angles for … More Poet’s Heart

Are We There Yet?

So often car trips are sprinkled with back seat travelers asking, “Are we there yet?” In our family the running joke to answer that question was always, “We’re here now.” Of course that didn’t answer the essence of the question about the destination, but did emphasize the value of the journey. I took this photo … More Are We There Yet?

Contemplation of Touch

Five facets of the tactile sense: Survivor A mystical kinship among lives frayed with dearth forms from touching others who have traveled a parallel journey Widow It was too brief, too common, what became their final touch. How she wished she had brushed his hair from his forehead and whispered “I love you” with her … More Contemplation of Touch

In the Light

Earlier this week I posted a solstice poem in honor of the longest night called In the Dark. This poem is its companion piece to honor the lengthening daylight hours. Receiving to Give Bowing toward me the flame dances its gift of heat so I can radiate the warmth it offers me so freely.