Balloons, bubbles, and backyard bouncingnew baby cousin watches with wonderbirthday celebration on my backyard neighbor’s deckseen from my back window From the front window another scenefriends and family with plates of foodofferings for grieving survivors ofmy across-the-street neighbor who died Me, in between the two housesisn’t that how it is?birth and joydeath and griefwith vicissitude … More Sandwiched


When I look at stars on a clear nightI know the light I see maybe emitted a million years pastmight come from a now-extinct starby the time its light reaches my eyesbut I notice the light and sigh When awakened by the bird singing outside my windowI know the trill I hear has already ceasedby the time it reaches my earbut I notice the song and sigh When I feel my exhalationdispersed into a breezeI know that particular breathis already gone foreverbefore I inhale againbut I notice the life and sigh * Bardo is the Tibetan term for the intermediate state or gap we experience between death and our … More Bardos*

I’m Alive

I know I’m alive when sweet spring hawthorn scents my doorwayI know I’m alive when French silk pie lingers on my tongueI know I’m alive when I slide between cool laundered sheetsI know I’m alive when movement of shadows change with the sunI know I’m alive when Clapton blues dance my feetI know I’m alive … More I’m Alive

Life’s Tempo

Music of our livesmoves within our daysWhat tempo should we use to fillthe cadence of our time? A rapper’s furious beat?A full measure of whole notes?A fluid change in a trilling scale?A soothing lullaby? Key each note with careposition rests where neededCompose your tempo mindfullyfor your own delight Graphics courtesy of Pixabay, top and lower

One Shot

Beetle died on the patio table big guy, looking strong Brought him into the kitchen propped him up on a shot glass Reminds me life is short Take your shot when you can   Photo from my personal collection


Water tumbles over stones as the silver creek flows – nature’s gurgling music Life tumbles over troubles as wavering times arise – growth’s raspy music   Photo taken at Lloyd Stage Nature Center, Troy, MI

What the Living Do*

Sometimes we sing Always we breathe Sometimes we love Always we touch Sometimes life brings us to laugh Always hearts beat in our chests Sometimes we dance in the rain Always blood runs through our veins Sometimes we grieve for a loss Always we long for a peace Sometimes we’re tranquil inside of turmoil Always … More What the Living Do*


For the three-house span walk  from her bus stop a child lingered to rescue earthworms washed to the sidewalk by the rains. One by one she lifted each little being in spite of its wriggling resistance to her rescue and returned it to its moist lawn habitat, repeating the process every few steps all the way home. For … More Salvation