Snow clings to sides of treesblown by worldly windsof last night’s winter storm In warm morning sunlightthuds of ice fall like glaciers calvingpocking the snow below Limbs let go of what weighs them downto lift toward the sun and blossom “Zen says everything preaches the dharma…”– Nancy Mujo Baker, dharma teacher and philosophy professor For … More Release

Personal Files

My personal files kept near my heartaren’t organized in alphabetical orderbut by the values I hold dear One folder labeled Abundancetakes up one whole drawerit’s filled with friendships, joy, and fun ideas Another folder labeled Connectionsopens up to backyard squirrels,memories of my history, and poets that I love The folder labeled PeaceI can open with … More Personal Files

Wintry Mix

Rushed last-minute shopping, then savor slow-cooked stew Sweet treats for the children, for adults – spiked cider brew Trees stand bare outside while inside trees are bright Snow-white monotone beneath sparkling festive lights Anticipating gatherings amid loss memories Sincere gifts complete with bows around synthetic trees The season brings abundance while we practice letting go … More Wintry Mix


Cardinal in the garden Blue jay in the dogwood Cardinal flies to a maple branch Her mate joins her from nowhere Jay disappears into oak leaves Woodpecker appears on a tree trunk I have no control over when Life swoops in and out of my window view I also have no control over when Conditions … More Swoop

Beyond Heaven

dream beyond heaven awaken to expansiveness it’s only life after all unlearn what doesn’t connect there’s more than one answer dream beyond heaven soak the roots of what you know with unscienced surprises it’s only life after all savor your introduction to re-eternity dream beyond heaven braid cleverness with uncertainty and awe it’s only life … More Beyond Heaven


I only slept in patches then an hour when she napped and maybe two or three at night after play and story times, stroller walks and giggles As I walked by her room at night littered with toys and books I’d pause to watch her peaceful sleep before doing my grown-up chores Last night she … More Motherhood

Letting Go

Letting go of memorized reactions to familiar situations is an art I try to practice Because I’m at the end of my rote.    Day 13 prompt (I know I am a day behind…): Write a poem in which the words or meaning of a familiar phrase get up-ended.   Photo by Blake Wheeler courtesy … More Letting Go

New Outlook

My hard drive crashed I lost a lot of favorites my Outlook tanked the contact list wiped clean So I upgraded Windows a new interface to learn my Outlook is improving as I organize my files The loss is a lesson the universe is teaching me to let go of clinging and a need for … More New Outlook