I did my best to make him smile it wasn’t much; he loved my try when amused, which is so rare his blaze of laughter fills the air like music from a joyous buddha all I can say is hallelujah This poem was inspired by Leonard Cohen’s song of the same title. Listen to one … More Halleluja

Butterfly Serendipity

We made butterfly wings From pink cellophane Glued them to hair clips You never wore But we laughed as we worked Probably ate some ice cream For years I opened drawers Saw a butterfly barrette And laughed again   Image from LoveKid Trading Company site

Recall Response

  “So how was your doctor’s appointment?” “Well, he asked me a lot of questions this time.” “Like what?” she asked half-listening. “Oh, about any weight changes, how much sleep I get, my eating habits. And something else. What was that last thing?” He sorted through a stack of mail while she made a grocery … More Recall Response

Made Me Laugh

She started first, a little snicker over nothing. Then the chuckling spread to each of us until it got to him. He saw no humor in nothing. Each giggle was infectious until the laughter was quite genuine. We each burst into cachinnation just watching each other laugh. A deep-from-the-belly, throw-back-your-head kind of guffawing roared throughout … More Made Me Laugh