Once we thought the world was flat till Pythagoras watched the roundness of the moon Franklin’s stormy kite and key set groundwork for Edison to tame electric power Before we noticed trees communicate we thought of them as fixed, unfeeling beings Knowledge gives foundation for new queries as reality always ends in why Graphic courtesy … More Y?



Breathe colors Listen without naming Live in the space of not-knowing   Photo by Mohamed Nohassi courtesy of Unsplash  Inscrutable


Can I be at ease with not knowing? Can I be unchained from attachment to proof? Can I wipe away worry when outcomes aren’t clear? Can I be at rest knowing some things will never be known?   This post was inspired by a poem called Good Days by Mary O’Connor. Read another post on this topic: Addition Problem. … More Questions?

Paradigm Shift

They say it’s a solid but snowflakes melt in our hands They say it’s abstract but hope embodies a face we can see If gravity is really an immutable law, then how do ideas rain up toward creative connections? Let’s not be too clever to never unlearn knowledge currently grounded as fact. Dream Copernican spheres … More Paradigm Shift