Purple Dawn

Cold stings my face as the coral dawn brightens I’m bundled in my purple down coat, purple stocking cap, purple gloves and purple paisley scarf I go to market for supplies to make winter vegetable soup Masked, I enter, fumble for the list amid all my winter layers remove my hat and gloves mentally map … More Purple Dawn


Carry-on Paradise

Travel can be stressful TSA scrutiny, crowded lines at gates But I have a secret paradise – my carry-on, underneath my ribs It’s lovingkindness meditation, sending thoughts of peace and health to myself and that grumpy traveler scowling behind his mask It may not lighten his heart that I wish him freedom from suffering but … More Carry-on Paradise


Compassion often immerges with weeping of the rain It can’t be rinsed away though, that truth dwells deep inside Practice lovingkindness and then yes, do it again Compassion often immerges with weeping of the rain Dancing dreams and quiet places may ease the pain Love’s not bells and flowers, it’s keeping kindness by your side … More Compassion

Noticing Kindness

Today a moth lingered on my door wall, still as a painting The visit was a meditation on the outside of the glass The morning continued to reflect other such kind encounters smiles from strangers friendly inquiries impromptu chats about weekend weather predictions A young doctor’s assistant with a silver laugh had me weigh in … More Noticing Kindness

Eye Contact

Stranger, we walk toward each other I glance to meet your eye is this a gesture of kindness, an invitation to briefly connect? or is it an act of aggression, an invasion of your privacy? I glance at you, you reciprocate briefly we lock gazes and catch a glimpse of ourselves in the eyes of … More Eye Contact

Two Me’s

I feel fury rise within me “You’re just wrong” I want to call out My face aflame My breathing tight Full of righteous rage I feel the goodness rise within me “I wish you peace,” I want to call out My eyes gracious My breathing easy Full of lovingkindness How can rage and kindness both … More Two Me’s


You might find Quiet gazing out savoring a sunrise lips upturned slightly as she draws on frosted panes You might find Quiet laughing listening with her skin offering soupçons of affection when it’s least expected Inside the heart of Quiet a faint thunder rumbles pregnant with adventure as life sparks ripple out   I am contented, … More Quiet

What If?

What if a culture promoted respect for all people where there were no “others” only sisters and brothers? Imagine that. What if a culture promoted a kindness where the norm was to pause before speaking one’s mind and listen to differing views? Imagine that. What if a culture promoted peace with active intent to move … More What If?

Take Care To Be Kind

The poem pierces the night a whistle that rounds the track awakening the memory of what not yet has happened The future always holds its death so take care – this could the last kind act you get to live Locomotive image from Pixabay Giving hands image from Pixabay Dear readers, in the last six … More Take Care To Be Kind