Unlike the acorn that just plops to the ground the maple bursts of whirlygigs, usually in conjoined pairs, twirl to the ground like Sufi dancers when released from their high branches As a child I used to pick up these seeds that fell on unfertile asphalt and throw them up as high as I could … More Whirlygigs

For Pam

For years on my birthday a package arrived, Two or three heirloom iris bulbs selected After pouring over catalogs during summer When I’d visit my gardening friend An autumn birthday is a perfect time For planting bulbs for summer An exercise in patience For both me and the bulbs Just as lilac purple is spent … More For Pam

One Breath

One breath, that’s all it takes to pause and notice the scent of hawthorn blooming by the door, wind chime music of the flow of time. One breath, that’s all it takes to be surprised by a cardinal’s sudden crimson visit, the iris opening purple hands in prayer. One breath, that’s all it takes to … More One Breath