Sweet Baby James

My teen days sangto the melancholy balladsof James Tayloras I climbed my way to adulthood Being a teen was a mixtureof fire and rain,young adulthood came on likesteamroller bluesthen parenthood, (how sweet it is)mixed with career andmore fire and rain The challenge of growing upwas to find the right hand-holdsecure a solid toe-holdto scale the … More Sweet Baby James

Agile Intent

I intended to write in my journal but a call from my daughter in Europe took precedence over my plan I intended to cook chicken for dinner but dropping temps and a show of snow inspired vegetable soup I intended to go to the gym but sparked by thoughts to create, I stayed home to … More Agile Intent

Paying Attention to My Attention

Eating my breakfast eggs, sipping on my coffee trying to pay attention as I read an essay on the pitfalls of the practice of attempting to multitask Inspired by How to Concentrate When You’re Distracted: We’re worse at multitasking than we think in Tricycle magazine. Photo by Milada Vigerova courtesy of Unsplash

For Billy

I usually prefer short poemswith their bright burst of enlightenmentlike finger-of-god sun raysthat suddenly pierce the clouds But I savor your longer poemsthat touch me from years and miles awayas a growing dawn developing into a sunburstthat I should have expectedbut always find me surprised For more on Billy Collins, check out his page on … More For Billy

For the Time Being

For the time being practice being time live the moment you find you’re in as thoroughly as possible You might be in a mundane Monday unclogging the kitchen sink that’s a good time to practice embracing unpleasant moments And if you feel you’re wasting time in a queue at the DMV notice the moment’s usefulness … More For the Time Being

Tipping Point

I feel a Funeral, in our World, and Scientists far and near keep warning – warning – yet it seems some Leaders cannot hear – So, when they make their policies they build them based on Greed – while Extinction swallows vital Species and ice melts swell our Seas – With Subsidies to Oil and … More Tipping Point


Dandelions stand bald after spring winds Tomorrow a crop of fresh ideas spread in new directions will take root Photo from my personal collection