Inspiration, all around, breathing, waiting,to be a playful buddy if we notice,a grace note for our creative lives Imagination feeds on Inspirationbumping one idea against unlikely friendsfinding faces in a rock,hearing crimson, tasting grief,inhaling faint aromas of serenity Drink from nurturing soilas Inspiration rains upon your soulwatch with wonder what begins to quickenplay with it … More Buds

Flights of Fancy

The snow is settled now my dearbut do you want life shaken up,arousal in your enclosed world? I too have wings that I can opento fly beyond my writing roomwhere words are gods and bees can spellif I shake my realm a bitfly with fingers to worlds of fancybeyond my ordinary sphere Photo from Macys … More Flights of Fancy


On a softened eveningshe returned from worksnow and stillnessher lonely companions From the kitchen tableamid egg smudged plate andcoffee smeared cupher pen and journalcalled to her:write with me,recreate your day,artist yourself,listen An unconsciousness poemthat had simmered all daywas ready for escapeto fancy itselfonto paper *Recreate: 1) form anew in the imagination; recollect and re-form in … More Recreate*

Staying In

A yin snow during A yang pandemic Not venturing out this March morning Except through imagination Photo taken this morning in Troy, MI.  

Morning Activity

She glowed a bright verb at sunrise She steamed a hot verb with coffee She penned short verbs in her journal And giggled a pun verb while making a whish She sliced up a soft verb while toasting the bread She sizzled a sunny verb cooking her eggs She thwarted most grim verbs as she … More Morning Activity

Concocted Titles

In the self-help section of the library of my mind I find titles I might want to explore: Just Dropped in to See What Intentions My Intentions Were In Born in the Middle of the Universe and Don’t Know How to Escape Judgement Is Never Right Because It’s Also Left Getting Things Done by Not … More Concocted Titles


A woman sits alone, a cane her only companion perhaps she is resting her legs a bit before going to market perhaps she is waiting for her lifelong lover to meet her in the gardens perhaps she’s remembering a time long ago when they sat at that place and first kissed perhaps the flowers inspire … More Perhapsing