Forever might be shortshorter than we thinkespecially if we believeall is impermanent Forever might be shortthough it might be long enoughlong enough for spring to comelong enough to make amends Forever might be long enoughto be forgiven, to be healedlong enough to live in heaven whenforever is this moment This poem used a line in … More Forever

Because I Love

Because I love sunrisesI arise at dawnto view the color symphonywhether fully awake or not Because I love the moonI go outside one morningto find a waning gibbushigh in the 8 o’clock sky Because I love the earthI work to heal her wounds andlet her healing heal mine Photo taken in Troy, MI

Hope for Healing

Knees can get scrapedbones are sometimes brokenhowever Hope for Healingstill she persists Promises are fracturedlosses overwhelmhowever Hope for Healingstill she persists Icebergs melt too quicklypolicy pollutes our airhowever Hope for Healingstill she persists Disease spreads to manylonely goodbyes too soonhowever Hope for Healingstill she persists Photo courtesy of Pixabay

12 Days of Apprehension

What was really stolen?Rights of the people to have leadershipthat inspires the best in us,not incites insurrection What was really the fake news?Lies from the bruised ego of a loser that perpetuated false claims of a rigged electionnot mainstream reporting This morning I’d hoped tosigh a sigh of reliefand I do upon confirmation of the … More 12 Days of Apprehension


Loss, depression, civil unrest,Anxiety, obsession, spiking pandemicHas left me all tangled up Like while knitting a sweaterAnd noticing a faulty stitchI need to unravel toward aPlace before the snarl Solomon tells usTo every thing there is a seasonA time to every purpose under heaven…A time to rend, a time to sewOr in other wordsA time … More Unraveling

Elizabeth Called

My phone buzzed at 9:30 Elizabeth asked if the writers’ group would be meeting tomorrow since it was a holiday We then chatted about honey and allergies, about the Royal Oak Farmers Market I told her about my recent vacation where I dipped into hot springs of mineral water healing She told me her gardening … More Elizabeth Called


Silent sprites of nature’s healing weave magic mending of my broken bones as I sleep   Dear readers: On my way to my morning walk in the park last week, I stumbled on an uneven sidewalk slab and broke both my wrists. I suspect I will be slow in both posting and reading posts of … More Sprites