Sunrise, Sunset

Growth Sunrise today is underwhelming at least as far as colors are concerned yet my kitty and I still sit on the window seat to watch the light grow and grow and grow every moment eternal every moment finite Sunset Haiku “Feed me please,” she purrs, “by the back window because sunset’s blaze soon fades.” … More Sunrise, Sunset

Two-step Snow

  New snow covers a layer of ice that tops yet another layer of snow. The cat sinks to her belly with each of her steps, but footprints made by heavy boots are more involved.  With each step, the boot sinks softly at first, then crunches unexpectedly through ice, then finally sinks, sinks again to … More Two-step Snow

Icy Morning [haiku]

crystal glazed limbs greet freezing drizzle* droplets ice siblings unite   Freezing drizzle is a type of precipitation in subfreezing temperatures that falls as liquid and freezes on contact with the ground or objects near the ground. Photo taken looking up to the sky in my back yard in Troy, MI USA.