Whitened Wings

Every day the elderly man across the street drags a large bag of feed to his back yard by the creek As he spreads the feed, geese honk their excitement, wings opened, eager for this easy meal Today, their raised wings reflect the deep snow below their feet; costumed with these whitened wings, they look … More Whitened Wings

Ephemeral Gifts

I breathe the salmon pink and golden peach of sunrise before retreating to my meditation cushion where thoughts pierce my silence then dissolve I hear the chime to find a sunrise that has morphed into a full blue wispy sky of morning Grateful to have noticed the sunrise of my thoughts a reminder to embrace … More Ephemeral Gifts


To fill the pool of desire to a level of enough, notice blessings from the shore, then dive into the quiet depths, place a pebble of new perspective where you can notice how empty spaces equally are blessings as the pool begins to swell with maximum enough.   Image by Pixabay

For Pam

For years on my birthday a package arrived, Two or three heirloom iris bulbs selected After pouring over catalogs during summer When I’d visit my gardening friend An autumn birthday is a perfect time For planting bulbs for summer An exercise in patience For both me and the bulbs Just as lilac purple is spent … More For Pam


Stop clinging to the disbelief Stop clinging to the grief What has not happened yet is no excuse for doing nothing now Don’t let me wait too long, Dear One, It’s time to dry my eyes Arise from my recline Put on my coat and go out into the world It’s time to live the … More Restart

Dante’s Arrow

An arrow foreseen, comes more gently – Dante Alighieri The time before the arrow hits is your gifted time, the surrounding moments when you know it’s coming but it does not pierce you yet. So look through unshuttered windows to this vast present of the world, not framed by inevitable trauma but open to all the joy where gifted … More Dante’s Arrow

Space-between Game

It is curious how easily I get lost in the jumble of tasks, five errands to run during rush hour traffic somewhere to be at a particular time but blocked by others doing the same While plunked down in stillness when I want to keep moving I find it’s a grand time to remind myself … More Space-between Game

After the Storm

After breakfast the storm rolled in, with rumbling thunder in the distance, then lightning flashed and struck her heart, criticism roared. Seeking cover in her own self worth she whispered, “Don’t spit anger” yet spit she did with spiteful words that blew back to sting her face. After the storm, the quiet rolled in no … More After the Storm

Shooting Star

                      I almost missed it, that night sky flash gone in the blink of an eye. That’s the way with shooting stars; they’re acts of serendipity. Like a yellow leaf veined in red lying in my path Or the breath of challah’s rising aroma as … More Shooting Star

Tour de Force

  When making a to-do list today sneak in “be grateful” a couple of times or  three along with “smile,” “hug your sweetie” and “do nothing for a bit,” because isn’t watching a V of geese honking above the trees at least as productive as scrubbing the kitchen floor? Won’t going to the dentist be … More Tour de Force