Holiday leftovers return to the table as warmed, revived nourishment creatively rehashed Leftover food like much of life can taste better served the next day mixed and matched into new creations gifts given to you from your past Image from Christian News Headlines

Wintry Mix

Rushed last-minute shopping, then savor slow-cooked stew Sweet treats for the children, for adults – spiked cider brew Trees stand bare outside while inside trees are bright Snow-white monotone beneath sparkling festive lights Anticipating gatherings amid loss memories Sincere gifts complete with bows around synthetic trees The season brings abundance while we practice letting go … More Wintry Mix

August Aubade

Early hours of an August day, Still pleasant in the shady yard Provide the opportunity To be still beneath the trees Eyes closed, bathed in birdsong And crescendos of cicadas I pull into my breathing Listening to earth’s music When opening my eyes, I see A chipmunk by my shoeless feet Eyes meet eyes in … More August Aubade

Ephemeral Blessings

The imperfect path to wonder where you can make a fingerprint in goddust is everywhere; you can enter this path from any place, at any instant When you awaken your awareness to the face of a moment, your spirit can blossom like a bougainvillea in the cool of early morning No need to name the … More Ephemeral Blessings

Ephemeral Gifts

I breathe the salmon pink and golden peach of sunrise before retreating to my meditation cushion where thoughts pierce my silence then dissolve I hear the chime to find a sunrise that has morphed into a full blue wispy sky of morning Grateful to have noticed the sunrise of my thoughts a reminder to embrace … More Ephemeral Gifts

How to Elude Ennui

Avoiding time-wasting activities is about as likely as escaping gravity We find ourselves being where we don’t want to be stuck in traffic, waiting in line, wanting the meeting to end Yet gridlocked time can be a small gift Precious moments for coming alive Time we are given to taste the present like savoring rich … More How to Elude Ennui