A Day for Play

It’s a sing along daywhen starlings polka dot the dawnas muffins scent the windowpaneswith poppy seeds and cinnamon It’s a sparkle daywhen blessings tumble like confettiand the rumble in your tummyis satisfied with bon bons It’s a snazzy daywhen jazz renditions razzmatazzas banana kiwi bubble gumfrolics in your mouth It’s a periwinkle dayso crinkle stresses … More A Day for Play

Autumn Fling

I have an intriguing proposal to makelet’s kick the leaves in the yardnot to hurt them but to stir them upso they can dance once more in the wind,jump up to their cousins falling down This poem was inspired by Lines for the Fortune Cookies by Frank O’Hara. Photo by Alegri courtesy of 4FreePhotos


Dream the impossible godthe one that goes to the marketpicks out a damaged mangoand eats it on the bus ride home Talk to the impossible godtell her how your dishwasher brokewhile hands submerge in sudsshe’ll listen and pat your shoulder Hug the impossible godall soft, yet strong in embracethen catch her gaze and hold ittil … More Impossible?