Free Love

Take the corset off the way you lovefree love from its stifling, binding staysliberate expressions of devotion Let wind blow through love’s loose hairlet love leap and prance abouttake the corset off the way you love Wriggle toes of barefoot loveraise love’s arms in vulnerabilityfree love from its stifling, binding stays Shed the molds of … More Free Love

Florida Room

Forget how you burned your tongue on the coffee this morninghow your feet were cold against the tile in the Florida roomthis one actually in Florida where you are visiting family Forget that you miss your cats terribly, all alone in your Michigan homewith no one to cater to their whims all day, only Kenny,the … More Florida Room


I hung up a poem put in a frameto read again as I pass it each day As a child I caught fireflies in punctured-lid jarsbut at bedtime I’d let them free to go play Frames can highlight beautyjars can capture the fleeting So, I’ll frame my life with intentionslid opened for serendipity