Mother Flame

She took the edge off a biting chill warmed our home with no whiff of fireworks consuming scant resources for her efforts  Her flame housed within confinements of her era, class, her gender and background danced with unique passion within ‘her place’  Not a doting Donna Reed type nor an activist burning her bra she … More Mother Flame

Come With Me

I am stumbling toward something real Come with me, come with me We’ll touch the wild flame before it is consumed Listen with attention to fluttering hummingbird heartbeats We do not exist in separate universes We are fragments of the same whole Accessible only in the immediate moment Let’s stumble toward something real together Come … More Come With Me

In the Light

Earlier this week I posted a solstice poem in honor of the longest night called In the Dark. This poem is its companion piece to honor the lengthening daylight hours. Receiving to Give Bowing toward me the flame dances its gift of heat so I can radiate the warmth it offers me so freely.