Winter Morning

filtered water fills the cup going up an octave as it reaches the brim coffee maker sputters syncopation to the wind chime song beside the window peppers sizzle in a pan avocado slices frame the plate whipped egg with spices waits for its turn in the skillet snow has fallen during the night porch needs … More Winter Morning

February Forecast

February rains pock yesterday’s snow with icy muddy puddles February words rain onto journal pages, as dull, sloshy drivel More snow, though, is expected later in the evening to smooth this sloppy lawn Forecast, too, more words to blanket first-draft babble with soft poetic song   Photo courtesy of Pixabay, adjusted using PaintShop


What wand whisked up this kite-flying day making whippoorwill trills with its breeze through bare branches? What spell was cast to conjure this sunshine that teases green kisses from tips of the crocus? February must be napping today while rapscallions stir up this magic tricking us all into losing our mittens when surely the chill … More Betwixt