Everyday Tempos

  tick tock Thich Nhat Hanh a rhythmic metronome, meditation’s cadence tick tock keyboard clicks emerging words reflect expressions of my thoughts tick tock beating heart listen to vibrations pulsing through the cosmos tick tock bedroom clock white noise in my chamber footsteps to a dreamland         Read more about Thich Nhat … More Everyday Tempos

Wellspring of Words

I want to pen words defying boundaries created that separate me from others I want to pen words that bleed out all blame so compassion can pump through my veins I want to pen words as conundrums wedding opposites into one silver ring I want to pen words to stumble upon like a root going … More Wellspring of Words

Fluid Movement

Waves and ripples, both water expressed in different ways. Angel Falls and Lake Titicaca are different expressions of water. A ripple is no better or worse than a wave; steep splashing falls are as wet as the calm on still lakes like clouds and rain and snow and dew they are all expressions of water. … More Fluid Movement