Tonight, I introduce myselfto the moonagainwhile she is full,glimmering on the lakeas a genial specter in nocturnal play Her fullnessmakes my sorrowsseem small I can be the tiny creature,she can be mature fullnesslet her swaddle me in her lightwrap me in her reflectionsteady my discursive thinkingwith her enlightenment This post was inspired by the Billy … More Fullness


Endarkening The bitter cold creeps in for winter like a whole note in D minor drawn across the strings of a cello Night engulfs daylight offering peaceful quiet as stars prick the deep indigo sky When settled into darkness a comforter of calm covers me I yearn to pull within myself slumber my spirit for … More Endarkening

For Billy

I usually prefer short poemswith their bright burst of enlightenmentlike finger-of-god sun raysthat suddenly pierce the clouds But I savor your longer poemsthat touch me from years and miles awayas a growing dawn developing into a sunburstthat I should have expectedbut always find me surprised For more on Billy Collins, check out his page on … More For Billy


Have you ever awoken from a dream to find yourself still in bed in yet another dream? Have you ever reached a state of enlightenment to find yourself wondering if this new awareness is yet another level of awakening?   The title of the poem references a movie called Inception about multiple layers of dreaming. Graphic courtesy … More Inception


Summon a muse, but get a witch Who incites havoc in your psyche, Besmirching you with mystic incantations Summon a witch, but get a muse Whose insights of enlightenment Bedazzle you with lyric alchemy    Day Thirteen: Write a poem about something mysterious and spooky! Your poem could be about something that is mysterious and … More Summons