Pulse of Power

Storm clouds ate the sun this morning swift, like the moon eats daylight in total solar eclipse thunder came, rain followed surfing the wind in tandem Then rain, thunder, darkness receded in reverse not lingering after their surge Photo taken from my front porch

Five Assertions

ONEIt’s like the oppositeof a black hole,a capacious expanse thatincludes all energy,all light TWOAt first you may bedisoriented like whenyou awaken in a hotelroom away from homenot knowing where you are THREEDuring a gradual transitionyou become aware of aconnectivity you have with allbeings to the point wherethere are no distinctions FOURConcerns about the war,inflation, job … More Five Assertions


Elizabeth Called

My phone buzzed at 9:30 Elizabeth asked if the writers’ group would be meeting tomorrow since it was a holiday We then chatted about honey and allergies, about the Royal Oak Farmers Market I told her about my recent vacation where I dipped into hot springs of mineral water healing She told me her gardening … More Elizabeth Called


I only slept in patches then an hour when she napped and maybe two or three at night after play and story times, stroller walks and giggles As I walked by her room at night littered with toys and books I’d pause to watch her peaceful sleep before doing my grown-up chores Last night she … More Motherhood