Relevant Realities

That patch of earth I think I know so well where I garden mostly still and mostly silent In my stillness and my silence, I notice details hues of petals, bend of foliage, feel of damp, dark dirt Purple, green, and brown, I attend to with a focus while my little ones play games outside … More Relevant Realities



Ah, Moon, I gravitate to your grace,admire how your beauty dances a pas de trois with Sun, Earth Your spirit, inspired by Sun,interprets this intensity,offers your choreographyto Earth Who keeps you at a distanceso we see your light perspectivein waxing/waning forms from afar We don’t see your pocked faceor your rocky spheroid body,just your unique rendering of Sun’s light,  Your creative process ofconstant interpretive dancedeepens my attraction toyour rhythms Your imagination… is mostly an accidental dance between collected memory and influence… a construction that awaits … More Moondance

Tipping Point

I feel a Funeral, in our World, and Scientists far and near keep warning – warning – yet it seems some Leaders cannot hear – So, when they make their policies they build them based on Greed – while Extinction swallows vital Species and ice melts swell our Seas – With Subsidies to Oil and … More Tipping Point

Solstice Night [tanka]

On the longest night stars prick black velvet skies in deep icy silence A subtle journey begins as Earth tips her face toward light   Happy winter solstice 2017, everyone! Photo courtesy of Pixabay Miraculous

Shape Shifters

Shape shifters, clouds are Not with intent like the shaman Metamorphosing into a wolf But transforming into random contours Merging, thinning, fragmenting At the whim of the wind I am a shape shifter as well Shifting from lazy content to focused endeavor From cluttered mind to quiet connection Giving to and receiving from The shape-shifting … More Shape Shifters


Animals breathe oxygen Plants breathe CO2 The earth breathes seasons And experience breathes grace Relationships breathe respect Creativity breathes attention Meditation breathes stillness And experience breathes grace I have been contemplating the idea of grace lately. Instead of being an external gift given to me that I don’t deserve, grace could instead be the practice … More Grace

Meaning Beyond Words

Slathered sweetness is nonsense when bitter twang is Teacher Dogma stuffs grey matter with the Wonder Bread of wisdom But a sudden leap makes bubbles where dead fish never dream and dirt can slowly serve as host to ordinary triumphs