Sweet Chariot

To my dad, the traveling salesman Swing low, sweet chariot Roll down the windows for the wind Swing low, sweet chariot Done my sales and drivin’ on in I look over Jordon and what do I see? Crossing or’ the Cumberland bridge A sweet pretty angel, my lovely GeeGee Calling me to our sweet home … More Sweet Chariot

Wild Turkeys

At dusk, I hurry to writers’ groupdriving along an empty open stretchof a two-laneby the nature center I slow down, though, when I seewhat I soon recognize asa brood of wild turkeys,five little ones bookended by two adults They wattle in a straight lineseeming unaware of potential danger I stop to watch this slow family … More Wild Turkeys

Space-between Game

It is curious how easily I get lost in the jumble of tasks, five errands to run during rush hour traffic somewhere to be at a particular time but blocked by others doing the same While plunked down in stillness when I want to keep moving I find it’s a grand time to remind myself … More Space-between Game