Unfinished Dance

Before the dishwasher ends its cycleI’ve dirtied another half load Before the laundry finishes dryingI’ve half-filled another hamper It’s an illusion to thinkI can get through a do listwhen life is a cyclethat keeps on churning Be good with the almost,the next task, the half-doneDoing is dancing with where I am beingBeing is dancing with … More Unfinished Dance


Doing Something

This poem does not answer the question, “What is the meaning of life?” It cannot make the pandemic go away or give me permission to go back to the gym This poem is just a screen shot of a moment in my life where two young men are cleaning bathroom grout making a lot of … More Doing Something

Dichotomy of Self

Quiet inward reflections of the be-er feed participation Active outward participation of the do-er inspires points for contemplation Graphic and poem inspired at the Monday Night Fellowship facilitated by my friend, Penny. Check out her new web site for writing prompts and spiritual inspiration: The Sacred Path.

Insidious Busyness

“How are you doing?” I asked of a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. “Oh, busy, busy. Always busy.” She asked me the same and my answer was similar, listing the things I’d been doing, good things – art class, writing, caring for a sick friend. As I listed my activities, though I had … More Insidious Busyness


Stop clinging to the disbelief Stop clinging to the grief What has not happened yet is no excuse for doing nothing now Don’t let me wait too long, Dear One, It’s time to dry my eyes Arise from my recline Put on my coat and go out into the world It’s time to live the … More Restart

Hold That Thought

Hold that thought, don’t think it now Quiet the mind from all that chatter Hold that thought, just listen now Breathe the gold of early autumn Connect in silence with the sacred Inhale calm, exhale peace Hold that thought just be, just be When refreshed go do, go do   Image is an original photo by LuAnne … More Hold That Thought