They drove by the old Woodland Gardens and Nursery most of it torn down now. “Look,” she said. “They left just the door. A door to nowhere,” she mused. “They did leave just the door,” He replied. “Now it’s a door to everywhere.”    Day Twelve Photo from my personal collection taken in Troy, MI … More Perspective

Common Koan

Patrick was already packing up when the phone rang. “Hey, little brother. Why don’t you come over for dinner with us tonight?” “Oh, I already have plans, Meg. Maybe tomorrow.” “What are you up to this evening?” “I’m meeting a bunch of guys at O’Toole’s for a couple of drinks and maybe some darts.” “You … More Common Koan


I’ve always considered daydreaming as a springboard for creativity, however, this morning I read that daydreams actually remove us from the present moment. I can see this truth. As the coffee maker sputters I wait by the window a while, lapse into a silent conversation inside my head, then wonder if these internal dialogs are … More Counseling

At the Diner

“Pray tell, kind sir, what culinary pleasure can I bestow upon you today?” She poises her pen upon her pad and awaits his response.   “Um, I’d like some scrambled eggs. Do ya’ll have grits? I sure do like grits with butter or lordy they are down right scrumptious with gravy. Got any red-eye gravy … More At the Diner

Recall Response

  “So how was your doctor’s appointment?” “Well, he asked me a lot of questions this time.” “Like what?” she asked half-listening. “Oh, about any weight changes, how much sleep I get, my eating habits. And something else. What was that last thing?” He sorted through a stack of mail while she made a grocery … More Recall Response