Time Travel: Mom at 45 talking to her now 66-year-old daughter

Put cheese on that burger, it adds nutritional value, Mom had told her back in 1967     Well, I do believe everything is connected, daughter thinks 53 years later   Like watermelon and salt     We each have a unique perspective and truth  No, some things are just truth, like divorce is not moral     Except if you … More Time Travel: Mom at 45 talking to her now 66-year-old daughter

Forward Motion

Scene One: Focus shot on LUANNE sitting alone, pensive,gazing out a train window.Zoom in to the book on her lap, Tao of Pooh. Zoom out as MARGARET, a woman in her 50s enters,puts a bag over a backward-facing seat,removes her jacket and settles in facing LUANNE. MARGARET: (extending her hand to LUANNE) Hi, I’m Margaret.LUANNE: … More Forward Motion

Go Back Home, Jack

Recently we took in a cat, Jack, from a friend who became too ill to care for him. With two well established cats in the house, Chloe and Star, the inclusion of this much younger cat took some adjustments. This poem is written in the rhythm (somewhat) of the Ray Charles tune, Hit the Road, … More Go Back Home, Jack


They drove by the old Woodland Gardens and Nursery most of it torn down now. “Look,” she said. “They left just the door. A door to nowhere,” she mused. “They did leave just the door,” He replied. “Now it’s a door to everywhere.”    Day Twelve Photo from my personal collection taken in Troy, MI … More Perspective

Common Koan

Patrick was already packing up when the phone rang. “Hey, little brother. Why don’t you come over for dinner with us tonight?” “Oh, I already have plans, Meg. Maybe tomorrow.” “What are you up to this evening?” “I’m meeting a bunch of guys at O’Toole’s for a couple of drinks and maybe some darts.” “You … More Common Koan


I’ve always considered daydreaming as a springboard for creativity, however, this morning I read that daydreams actually remove us from the present moment. I can see this truth. As the coffee maker sputters I wait by the window a while, lapse into a silent conversation inside my head, then wonder if these internal dialogs are … More Counseling

At the Diner

“Pray tell, kind sir, what culinary pleasure can I bestow upon you today?” She poises her pen upon her pad and awaits his response.   “Um, I’d like some scrambled eggs. Do ya’ll have grits? I sure do like grits with butter or lordy they are down right scrumptious with gravy. Got any red-eye gravy … More At the Diner