I knew I wanted something sweetbut what to get, and where? I saw a Baskin-Robbinsah, that’s where I’ll pull inbutter pecan, yes, that’s what I really want What eluded me before is nowright on the tip of my tongue Yum Top photo by Brooke Cagle; bottom photo Jonathan Borba, both courtesy of Unsplash



The sun has set but she has not come home. Calling for her again and again, her little whiskered face does not appear at the front door or the door wall. The night air is calm with the new warmth of early spring. Yet, was there not a coyote in the back yard just last … More Lost


To fill the pool of desire to a level of enough, notice blessings from the shore, then dive into the quiet depths, place a pebble of new perspective where you can notice how empty spaces equally are blessings as the pool begins to swell with maximum enough.   Image by Pixabay


Why is one leaf on this autumn path golden, edged in burgundy while another leaf is purple, veined in orange? Why is one tree bursting crimson and another speckled yellow? I’m more like a dappled leaf, flitting from place to place, full of intermingled ideas. Sometimes I long to be the fiery sugar maple consistent and … More Purpose

Reliable Excess

I pretend that all my faithful dolls sit waiting at the table, an excuse for scheduled teatime where  I supply convections. Yet it’s my steadfast yearn for sweet desire that sits with me in constancy even when I know I should be satiated. I’ve been told to be reliable but I must ponder if devotion to … More Reliable Excess

Heart’s Content

I have a busy heart loving others sometimes aching, sometimes breaking sometimes bursting with pleasure except for one quiet chamber curled into a soft circle like a sleeping, purring kitten safe from my desires an alcove beyond ego where I can be content with contentment.