A million roads divergeand I can only take oneas I am one traveler, decision Looking as far as I canI only see overgrowth in all directionsso I sigh and decide I choose family, childrenleft the stage, the greasepaintthe tutus and pointe shoes With weary bones and musclesthis is where I should bethe road taking me … More Divergence

Playing Pigs

It’s a gamble do I roll again or stick? If I roll a nothing, I have risked it all If I roll a something I get to roll again All or nothing it’s a gamble not so much like life where if I lose I often still get another chance Yet it reminds me that … More Playing Pigs


Because I want to set my own goals while watching sunrise with coffee and dharma Because I want time for my writing and reading and to meditate by the front window Because I prefer loose schedules and naps and cooking homemade soups Because I enjoy long walks by the lake hoping to see a blue … More Retirement

Poem by Committee

Should I write a “she” poem today? Or would viewing the world as impartial observer make the poem too aloof? What if I write an “I” poem instead? Would my narrow approach be too narcissistic to relate to anyone else? What if  I write from a  “you” point of view? Would you read me as … More Poem by Committee

Corps de Tasse

The title is a phrase I made up as a variation of corps de ballet. Corps de ballet is defined as the dancers in a ballet company that perform as a background for the soloists or principal dancers. Tasse is French for “cup” and this poem is about the cups in my cupboard that perform as a background to the … More Corps de Tasse