One Shot

Beetle died on the patio table big guy, looking strong Brought him into the kitchen propped him up on a shot glass Reminds me life is short Take your shot when you can   Photo from my personal collection

While I’m Still Here

I can’t vacation on the beach after I leave this world Or feel the sun’s warmth on my face after I leave this world No longer will we share our meals after I leave this world So, I better do it now while I’m still here I won’t be penning poems like this after I … More While I’m Still Here


Contemplative Care

In the woods where I walk, a doe lay dying She could have just been asleep but she didn’t stir as I walked by Deer die just like all of us I could do nothing to help her except offer her respect for this transition So, I whispered a lovingkindness mantra customized just for this … More Contemplative Care


Two elms, siblings, grew tall together for years side by side near my window One became ill and died last year, the other in grief died this spring A carver of wood was invited to see latent art within the dead stumps Now two great blue herons stand tall together looking up to the future … More Afterlife

Take Care To Be Kind

The poem pierces the night a whistle that rounds the track awakening the memory of what not yet has happened The future always holds its death so take care – this could the last kind act you get to live Locomotive image from Pixabay Giving hands image from Pixabay Dear readers, in the last six … More Take Care To Be Kind

Contemplation of Touch

Five facets of the tactile sense: Survivor A mystical kinship among lives frayed with dearth forms from touching others who have traveled a parallel journey Widow It was too brief, too common, what became their final touch. How she wished she had brushed his hair from his forehead and whispered “I love you” with her … More Contemplation of Touch