Bridge World

At dawn I walked in the park toward the bridge connecting a lake and a creek. In the lake a flock of mallards were swimming a circle dance, dipping to bathe then stretching their necks, waving their wings then shaking tail feathers all while quacking and splashing in circles. I leaned on the railing, the … More Bridge World

Late Spring Dawning

The sky’s grey blanket thins but the shadows under elms are dark and shifting Soon my countenance will greet the sun’s brute cheerful honesty opening like daylily blooms ablaze But for now I stay enveloped in the gentle muted mystery lingering with the quiet primrose night

Invite a Miracle

Invite a miracle to stay with you a while then release it to the universe to visit with another… An unrushed morning offers so many gifts. Today the gift was a blazing sunrise. I pulled on my coat, grabbed my camera and went outside before I even made my coffee. The chill energy of a … More Invite a Miracle

Morning Moment

A tangerine glow on the dawn-lit snow Begets vibrant patches of bright winter white   This micropoem was inspired by the daily reading in Mark Nepo‘s The Book of Awakening that suggests noting what surprises you about being human. Please share some moments that surprise you about being alive right now.