Perfect Imperfection

I make imperfect marks in my lived experienceyet I must align myself tolived experience as it actually is,not how I desire it to be my foibles don’t define meany more than my successes,as I am incomplete without themboth,this is my perfect imperfection I muster compassion for myself and othersas we all live this incomplete perfectionI’ll … More Perfect Imperfection


I was born to dance with interconnections cottonwood seeds perform a ballet outside my window on this breezy late spring day My homeland emerged dancing with interconnections airy, some seeds float up, some seem to hang in the air, they change direction and speed The universe exploded to dance with interconnections no destination, just playing … More Interspersed


Ah, Moon, I gravitate to your grace,admire how your beauty dances a pas de trois with Sun, Earth Your spirit, inspired by Sun,interprets this intensity,offers your choreographyto Earth Who keeps you at a distanceso we see your light perspectivein waxing/waning forms from afar We don’t see your pocked faceor your rocky spheroid body,just your unique rendering of Sun’s light,  Your creative process ofconstant interpretive dancedeepens my attraction toyour rhythms Your imagination… is mostly an accidental dance between collected memory and influence… a construction that awaits … More Moondance


A shotwill it takeso I can be anold woman wearinga golden shirtdancing to songssung in a languageI don’t understand I got my second vaccine today. Woo Hoo! Top image from CDC courtesy of Unsplash. Lower image from a YouTube video by Playing for Change of the song, Chan Chan.

What the Living Do*

Sometimes we sing Always we breathe Sometimes we love Always we touch Sometimes life brings us to laugh Always hearts beat in our chests Sometimes we dance in the rain Always blood runs through our veins Sometimes we grieve for a loss Always we long for a peace Sometimes we’re tranquil inside of turmoil Always … More What the Living Do*


When I was eleven, I was sure I’d never stop dancing ballet I would grow up, move to New York and dance with the ABT what I didn’t know then was those were the days the good ole days when I’d never eat a tomato but Never is such a limitation it leaves out serendipity … More Never

Two-step Snow

  New snow covers a layer of ice that tops yet another layer of snow. The cat sinks to her belly with each of her steps, but footprints made by heavy boots are more involved.  With each step, the boot sinks softly at first, then crunches unexpectedly through ice, then finally sinks, sinks again to … More Two-step Snow


In a studio each day with the corps de ballet Then a teacher for children struggling to read A single mom of a son with no experience with boys Those identities, impermanent  A technical writer penning Help for app users A designer for professors putting courses online A stay-at-home mom while their dad traveled for … More Impermanence