Sunny Day Waltz

The cat rests in  a pane of light alert for sparks of adventure as is the nature of cats The turtle meditates on a log in the lake stretching its neck to inhale the warmth as is the nature of turtles Mallards gather to swim in the shade feeding with family before their migration as is … More Sunny Day Waltz

Annual Breath

Look at the maple by the bay window benevolent toward all seasons In summer no swearing about sweltering heat; she opens her heart to the sun In winter no lamenting the stark naked freeze; she goes inward for dreams and renewal   This poem was inspired by a piece in a recent Austin Kleon newsletter … More Annual Breath


Does the bumblebee ask why it forages pollen? Does the tulip maple ask why it blooms? Does the moon ask why she conceals her dark side? The answer to every layer of “why?” contains another layer of questions. When I ponder the myriad why’s of my purpose I suspect it’s more than just following laws … More Why’s