Moon and Me

I am the moonthe moon is mewe hide in daylight,slivered, until webecome full I am the moonthe moon is mewe wax and wanebut always come backfull cyclean eclipse may disrupthere and there butmostly the change is constant I am the moon the moon is mewe reflect the worldin which we exist and make shimmering sunlightupon … More Moon and Me

Autumn’s Portent

Colors, spirited in autumn array roar out to us acknowledgement that winter soon will be whooshing in with callow shadows and chill But don’t despair, dear one, autumn is a lucid whisper that all of life is mortal that all of nature turns Beauty is enhanced when we accept its ephemeral nature let us treasure … More Autumn’s Portent

Cusp of a Cycle

creative expression seems frozen still even after the equinox  it snowed today clouds are steel grey trees dormant and bud-less  yet foliage appears in the garden as returning crocus emerge creativity is perennial     Photo from my personal collection.

February Forecast

February rains pock yesterday’s snow with icy muddy puddles February words rain onto journal pages, as dull, sloshy drivel More snow, though, is expected later in the evening to smooth this sloppy lawn Forecast, too, more words to blanket first-draft babble with soft poetic song   Photo courtesy of Pixabay, adjusted using PaintShop


This waning crescent mood Will disappear into a moonless night Waxing back into its full brightness   Photo by Ryan Holloway courtesy of Unsplash  Horizon

sometimes god…

Sometimes god dances to the pulse of Northern lights dressed in dragonfly green chiffon as she twirls among the stars Sometimes god walks the same path each season, seeding it with flowers or sunshine or damp brown leaves or icy snow that glitters Sometimes god brushes against tiny baby eyelashes and the thin skin of … More sometimes god…

Present Cycle

Light is a gift to the sky Air is a gift to voice Talk is a gift to friendship Handholding gifts a stroll Hiking is a gift to a home Roofs are gifts to migrating flocks Birds are gifts to the heavens The sky is a gift to light   Image is an original photo … More Present Cycle

Electric Autumn

On this first chill rain of autumn I shiver, each cell pulsing with the underlying voltage of seasonal fluctuations All photos taken by the author on this rainy autumn morning