Receive, Release

Window of my chest opens to receive breath, breeze, memories sunlight and warmth of smiles taste of moist air before a snow cinnamon tea steam Window of my chest opens to release tension in my shoulders sighs from deep content a secret smile directed at mallards moving amidst grey clouds Window of my chest opens as … More Receive, Release


We stocked up at Costco yesterday filled our pantry with a bounty of sweet corn, green beans, and stewed tomatoes, brown rice, spices, and quinoa,vitamins, vodka, and vegetable broth – our autumn cache for sustenance while we incubate creative reflectionwithin our warm abodethrough the dormant winter as we and the good earth rest Photo courtesy … More Harvest


Inspiration, all around, breathing, waiting,to be a playful buddy if we notice,a grace note for our creative lives Imagination feeds on Inspirationbumping one idea against unlikely friendsfinding faces in a rock,hearing crimson, tasting grief,inhaling faint aromas of serenity Drink from nurturing soilas Inspiration rains upon your soulwatch with wonder what begins to quickenplay with it … More Buds


Ah, Moon, I gravitate to your grace,admire how your beauty dances a pas de trois with Sun, Earth Your spirit, inspired by Sun,interprets this intensity,offers your choreographyto Earth Who keeps you at a distanceso we see your light perspectivein waxing/waning forms from afar We don’t see your pocked faceor your rocky spheroid body,just your unique rendering of Sun’s light,  Your creative process ofconstant interpretive dancedeepens my attraction toyour rhythms Your imagination… is mostly an accidental dance between collected memory and influence… a construction that awaits … More Moondance


Holiday leftovers return to the table as warmed, revived nourishment creatively rehashed Leftover food like much of life can taste better served the next day mixed and matched into new creations gifts given to you from your past Image from Christian News Headlines

Benevolent god

I am a benevolent god,an omnipotent presencepresiding over my kitchenblending ingredients at my whim,spicing things up to my desireto create a new dish to serve As god, I have a personal bondwith carrots, avocados, and peppers,checking on them often toconsider their condition,choosing to use themat peek readiness topartner with me in creation As god, I … More Benevolent god

Graced by Whispers

My heart longs to findstill islands of dreamer-songshushed enough to hearwhispers of sweet somethingsabout the beauty we each holdnudging me to createbeauty from this beautybefore it fades Graphic courtesy of Pixabay

Cusp of a Cycle

creative expression seems frozen still even after the equinox  it snowed today clouds are steel grey trees dormant and bud-less  yet foliage appears in the garden as returning crocus emerge creativity is perennial     Photo from my personal collection.

Living Art

Is the purpose of creating art to create in ourselves the art of living?   The graphic above is a mandala I created for my daughter ‘s birthday called Lotus Full Circle