Peace came to me today on wings of rowdy crows their joyous ruckus rocked bare branches amid wild winter’s wind Peace stayed with me today through carrot chopping rhythm, steam hissing from the Instant Pot, warm water washing hands Peace did slip away from me through a kitchen plumbing mishap,reading news of trials and scandals … More Peace



Holiday leftovers return to the table as warmed, revived nourishment creatively rehashed Leftover food like much of life can taste better served the next day mixed and matched into new creations gifts given to you from your past Image from Christian News Headlines

Benevolent god

I am a benevolent god,an omnipotent presencepresiding over my kitchenblending ingredients at my whim,spicing things up to my desireto create a new dish to serve As god, I have a personal bondwith carrots, avocados, and peppers,checking on them often toconsider their condition,choosing to use themat peek readiness topartner with me in creation As god, I … More Benevolent god

Clean-up Time

Cooking a meal leads to clutterbusy living can muddle my mindmeditation can clear some mind-clutterlike cleaning the kitchen post-cooking I want a clean kitchen when starting a mealI want a clear mind when starting the daywater and soap can tidy my kitchenzazen can help unclutter my mind This post is a companion poem to yesterday’s … More Clean-up Time

Cooking Life

Cooking, like life, is transformationraw quinoa, for example, is inediblebut boil it, add veggies and spicesfor a savory transformation Like cooking, life’s raw materialcan simmer in spiritual awarenessadd exercise, friendships, sleep and fresh foodfor a delightful transformation Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Chopping Veggies with the Buddha

The Buddha dropped by for dinner,offered to help chop vegetablesI watch his skilled knifeslide through the fleshof zucchini with little resistance My knife found resistance, thoughagainst a tomato skinthat had to be pierced beforeI could mince its watery flesh The buddhanatures of us both,although we travel different paths,work as partners to prepare a mealseasoned with … More Chopping Veggies with the Buddha

Agile Intent

I intended to write in my journal but a call from my daughter in Europe took precedence over my plan I intended to cook chicken for dinner but dropping temps and a show of snow inspired vegetable soup I intended to go to the gym but sparked by thoughts to create, I stayed home to … More Agile Intent

Fire Alarm

So many things are cooking at once – the draft of a poem a half-written letter a sketch for a painting a new app to learn Right now, they’re half-baked so I’ll turn up the heat let all but one simmer on a back burner and hope that my home doesn’t burn down   Is … More Fire Alarm