Beneath a Blanket

beneath a blanket of separateness we remember what is learned through connectivity in spite of distance, masks, and gloves This poem was inspired by a poem by the Japanese reclusive poet, Saigyo. Top photo by Josue Ladoo Pelegrin coutesey of Unsplash. Bottom photo of Italian musicians singing from their balcony during lockdown in



The smile, a simple gesture, is a single tone in a melody that moves the universe toward harmony The graphic above is a collage made from photos by the following photographers, clockwise starting at lower left: Frank Busch, Capturing the human heart, Gabriel Silverio, Eye for Ebony, Cristian Newman, Nathan Anderson and in center, Avel Chuklanov, all courtesy … More Smiles


The moon’s reflection on the lake connects me to a vast universe All we do affects all others, my own reflection – a composite of the cosmos   Photo by Tony Detroit courtesy of Unsplash


I bow to you in greeting a quiet pause to honor of our shared presence I bow to my self as well a quiet pause to affirm my place in this world I bow to all in the universe a quiet pause to rejoice in the web of life Namaste   Graphic courtesy of How … More Namaste


Not written in isolation, this post was inspired by other writers, supported by IT engineers, composed in a house, built by construction workers, wired by electricians Not created independently my ideas are shaped by social context, linked to millennia of wisdom, affected by all who influence me from family to advertisers, and even you, dear … More Co-creation


I walk along Mill Creek listening to its gurgling song Dry leaves left from late autumn migrate across the fields A French horn bark of an old yellow dog carries through the crisp air Above, a squirrel’s nests sways visible while limbs are still bare I am but a molecule swirling through the spiral of … More Stardust