Enjoy Punxsutawney

When every day repeats itself in awhirl of routine you cannot escapewhen nothing you do seems to make a differenceapproach your days from a different perspective Don’t play Phil Conners that’s bored and depressedbe the changed Phil with a new take on lifenotice the guy you’ve ignored each daybegin to care, become his friend Catch … More Enjoy Punxsutawney


Beneath a Blanket

beneath a blanket of separateness we remember what is learned through connectivity in spite of distance, masks, and gloves This poem was inspired by a poem by the Japanese reclusive poet, Saigyo. Top photo by Josue Ladoo Pelegrin coutesey of Unsplash. Bottom photo of Italian musicians singing from their balcony during lockdown in timesofisreal.com.

New Outlook

My hard drive crashed I lost a lot of favorites my Outlook tanked the contact list wiped clean So I upgraded Windows a new interface to learn my Outlook is improving as I organize my files The loss is a lesson the universe is teaching me to let go of clinging and a need for … More New Outlook

Real Time

Let’s meet in a space between patience and impatience in that time when life actually happens – and let silence be our conversation   The signature line for my email is from an article by David Cain. It reads “Patience…is the willingness to live life at the speed at which it actually happens.” This concept … More Real Time


A thousand pictures within each thousand pictures A thousand thoughts within each thousand thoughts A thousand voices within each thousand voices Deliquesce into a mist of One being and all the not-being that surrounds it   Image from Pixaby      


are we not all woven into congruent abundance within the fabric of the universe not each a singular thread tightly spooled inside itself but laced in and out with lives of others adding texture to the warp and weft of life  

Collective Awakening

Holding the steaming cup in both hands, I walk in mindful meditation to the table, careful not to spill a single dark drop on the cream carpet.  I share my first sip of java with millions of my neighbors across barriers of geography, culture, and time as in unison we welcome a new day. Some … More Collective Awakening