Endarkening The bitter cold creeps in for winter like a whole note in D minor drawn across the strings of a cello Night engulfs daylight offering peaceful quiet as stars prick the deep indigo sky When settled into darkness a comforter of calm covers me I yearn to pull within myself slumber my spirit for … More Endarkening

Autumn’s Portent

Colors, spirited in autumn array roar out to us acknowledgement that winter soon will be whooshing in with callow shadows and chill But don’t despair, dear one, autumn is a lucid whisper that all of life is mortal that all of nature turns Beauty is enhanced when we accept its ephemeral nature let us treasure … More Autumn’s Portent

Baby Dreams

I used to watch my babies dream curious about their dream worlds dreams they couldn’t tell me about pre-language dreams As I grow old and forgetful will I revert to infant-dreams full of colors and feelings beyond a world of words? Graphic is an original painting of a dream catcher done in watercolors and Sharpie

Blue Slate Special

The day served up a blue slate special Greens mixed with reds and yellows Against a sapphire sky Topped with a dollop of clouds   Photo was taken at Independence Oaks Park, MI

Colorful Personalities

Emma is the color of blood that seeps through an opened vein. Abby is vanilla like melting ice cream in a bowl. Nora is sepia like Grandma’s chestnut chifforobe. Olivia is yellow like forsythia in spring. Payton is coffee brown with cream and sugar added. I am periwinkle peppered with neon pink. We meet to paint … More Colorful Personalities

Spring Color: Six six-word stories

Purple peeks through the brown. Spring. Cool mists feed Earth’s green. Spring. Umbrellas sprinkle walkways with color. Spring. Buds prick bare limbs crimson. Spring. Forsythia awakens with sunshine yellow. Spring. Floral dresses replace grey coats. Spring. All photos courtesy of Pixabay.com except for the floral dresses photo courtesy of bing.com. images and the tree buds … More Spring Color: Six six-word stories

Color Palette

Just for fun…   The idea for this poem came from a conversation with my daughter as we tried to entertain ourselves while sitting in a drab waiting room at the Secretary of State on a grey winter-advisory day. Thanks goes to Behr ColorSmart Paint Color samples online for the inspirational names of their delightful hues.   What colors … More Color Palette