Piggy Bank Heart

My piggy bank heartbroken, in chardswounds my clinging hands, yetoffers me penny-sized blessings This mess my heart makescan’t hide the woundsI don’t want to see If a heart can’t be fixedlike a piggy bank can’tshould I’ve let it get broken orkept blessings I’d savedsafe and hidden unused? Photo from RINA Wealth Management Services



I become a new creation of me each instant when I notice the freshness of the moment as it arises Break away from my cocoon of guilt for past actions left undone, or done with no undoing shed the shell of longing to cling to future pleasures Just be a me evolving strengthening unused wings … More Chrysalis

Here Now

Where I am now is right where I want to be not clinging to the pleasure not running from the pain just being in the joy of being in the moment  Day Seven Photo of me standing in the grass is from my personal collection.  

New Outlook

My hard drive crashed I lost a lot of favorites my Outlook tanked the contact list wiped clean So I upgraded Windows a new interface to learn my Outlook is improving as I organize my files The loss is a lesson the universe is teaching me to let go of clinging and a need for … More New Outlook


Stop clinging to the disbelief Stop clinging to the grief What has not happened yet is no excuse for doing nothing now Don’t let me wait too long, Dear One, It’s time to dry my eyes Arise from my recline Put on my coat and go out into the world It’s time to live the … More Restart