Mairzy Doats

lavender laughter filled the carrolled down windows, April 1962singing with abandon“Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy”giggling, dad and daughterboth too old to be so sillyboth savoring flickers of youth Hear the silly song my dad and I loved: Mairzy Doats, Did anyone else have fun songs they sang on … More Mairzy Doats


When I was eleven, I was sure I’d never stop dancing ballet I would grow up, move to New York and dance with the ABT what I didn’t know then was those were the days the good ole days when I’d never eat a tomato but Never is such a limitation it leaves out serendipity … More Never

Butterfly Serendipity

We made butterfly wings From pink cellophane Glued them to hair clips You never wore But we laughed as we worked Probably ate some ice cream For years I opened drawers Saw a butterfly barrette And laughed again   Image from LoveKid Trading Company site

Mother’s Hands

In celebration of International Women’s Day My mother’s hands held me My mother’s hands washed my hair My mother’s hands sewed my cotton shifts and later my wedding dress In a big yellow bowl her hands kneaded together bread and onions sage and broth to make huge batches of cornbread dressing for our Sunday feast … More Mother’s Hands

Vermillion Mementos

Snowy tissue kisses of Candy Apple or Summer Rose or So Marilyn Monroe littered Mamma’s purse as well as waste paper baskets and sometimes La Rose kisses adorned my little girl cheek. Image by Pixabay

Mr. Moon

Blasting early into a family Already established without her She had to find her place. So she raced the moon with her daddy. Mr. Moon to be exact, “Shining above the trees” Giggling and wiggling in the back seat Of a blue Henry J They drove home full of Aunt Lucile’s peach cobbler, Quiet and … More Mr. Moon