Meditation Mantra [tanku]

Outside my window a little bird’s tiny chirp leaves me with a smile “Be! Be! Be!” is her mantra “Here! Here! Here!” is my response We repeat our chants until this Buddha spirit lifts her wings in flight   I made up the term “tanku” because this poem is made up of a tanka followed … More Meditation Mantra [tanku]



As Dogen said, to attain the Way is merely ‘to put one’s head through a gate.’ There is a path beyond the door.  It must be stepped through.  ~  Henry Shukman Before I can walk my path, the path unique to me I must leave the safety of going around in circles Inside the fence … More Venture

Koan of My Life

Seeking freedom from duality – right or wrong, abundance or lack, blossoms or weeds, embrace or farewell I contemplate non-thinking Somewhere in my spirit I feel I understand this paradox beyond language beyond thought Existing within calm confusion   May confusion dawn as wisdom. (paraphrased from the Four Dharmas of Gampopa)   Image by Pixabay


Stop clinging to the disbelief Stop clinging to the grief What has not happened yet is no excuse for doing nothing now Don’t let me wait too long, Dear One, It’s time to dry my eyes Arise from my recline Put on my coat and go out into the world It’s time to live the … More Restart

Red Eye Flight 724

Electrons dance in unison to teleport my body through a dream to a distant Buddhist temple where sweet Seoul chants and prayer cloths meander through my restless thoughts lulling me to sleep above the clouds   Image from Pixabay Sanctuary